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Please can you advise if there is an alternative psu for the Dell XPS 710 other than the over priced one that Dell offers? or the there an adapter available that will convert a standard psu to split the mother board output with a 20pin and a 24pin connector?
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  1. most new power supplies come either with a detachable extra 4 pin so it can be used as a 20 or 24 pin or a 24 pin will plug right into a 20 pin socket and it seems to accept standard atx power supplies,maybe you could give a budget and the nice folks round here can give you a recommendation
  2. The issue is that the 710/720 motherboard has both a 20 and 24 pin connector labeled P1 and P2. I have not come across any other brand power supplies that have BOTH. You need to either get it from Dell or a used/refurbished one from someone else. Dell also currently only has refurbished ones at, well, Dell prices.

    I thought I'd answer this so no one else goes on a futile quest for an alternative. I've not checked the actual pins of both connectors. If they are both the standard 20&24 pin connectors, it might be possible to put in one of the special secondary power supplies along with a standard power supply assuming there's room in your case. (You'd need to check the pin wiring of both connectors in the manual.) I'd guess that the 24 pin P1 connector is standard but wouldn't be so sure about the 20 pin P2.
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