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Hey guys another problem has crept up. I want to buy a satisfactory for my little brother whom i cannot allow my crossfire system to use. Ok so he has this ancient Gateway E-5400 P4 3.2Ghz HT computer. He is currently been using the integrated 945 chipset for video but now i want to upgrade his computer. His PCs processor is more than enough for him but i want to give him a boost with a decent graphic card and RAM. Ive been searching around and have found this Graphic card XFX Radeon HD 5450 1gb\
but in the product details it says PCI-e 2.1. I know for certain that the 945 supports PCIe 2.0 so will it support the 2.1 bus type.
For this im buying COOLER MASTER 500 WATTS EXTREME POWER (RS-500-PCAR-A3).Is it ok?
and im upgrading his RAM from 1 gb to 3gb. Is it enough?
Forgot to tell my brother wants to play some games like COD4 and Crysis online. Will the PC perform well for these games and some new games because i have certainly seen that the 3.2ghz HT is Gta 4 and MW2 ready and these games work on this processor although of course far below the standard of my i7 980. but my brother will be happy if these games can work on his PC. Will they, with this graphic card and RAM?
If the ATI 5450 with its PCI-e 2.1 will not work with PCI-e 2.0 please reccomend from the following site. My price range is upto 8000rs. according to the mentioned site
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  1. is the ATI 4670 better than the above mentioned graphic car???
  2. The HD5450 has more features, while the HD4670 is certainly better. However, I'd grab an HD5670 for his processor. There will certainly be a bottleneck, but he will be able to play the games you mentioned at decent settings.
  3. Can you explain bottleneck? Will HD 5670 another card with PCI-e 2.1 work on PCIE 2.0
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    Yup, agree with shadow above...
    HD5670 would suffice for your brother.
    About PSU, any 300W PSU will handle that card, so you are great with that CM 500W. :)

    Well, your brother CPU will work hardly to play GTA4 and Crysis, just make sure he play those games with medium/low resolution...
  5. About bottleneck:

    Don't worry, PCIE 2.1 cards will work just fine on PCIE 2.0 slot...
  6. and what if i buy a 9600GT?
  7. An HD5670 is better than a 9600GT. Unless you're getting it for $50, it's a waste.
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  9. bro one last qs the 945 supports Dual Core so if i upgrade from the present P4 3.2GHZ HT to say INTEL DUAL CORE E5400 2.7Ghz (2MB CACHE - 800Mhz FSB). Is the processor powerful enough to handle the games with better settings and without constantly 'bottleneck' the GPU?
  10. If you upgrade the CPU with Dual Core like you mentioned above then it's good and will handle the games with better settings... :)
    It's a good upgrade from Pent 4 to Dual core CPU.
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