Need Advice with choosing a heatsink AMD Phenom II X4 965

I just a build a new computer with the help of a friend and the stock heatsink is really loud, I know next to nothing about heatsinks. I was wondering if so one you recommend a nice heatsink.


ps i dont plan on overcloaking.

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  1. Yes, the hyper 212+ is a nice heatsink. says one of the best available for AM2/AM3 is the Thermaltake Frio. I like the looks too, so I would consider that as a high end option.
  2. May want to look at the top 5 quiet heatsinks:
  3. The 212+'s fan can become audible (wouldn't really call it loud) at full RPM. However, unless you OC and are constantly running CFD code, I doubt it would ever go to full RPM (I have 212+'s on my 1055T and i5).
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