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Okay, I'm trying to repair my parent's desktop pc. My problem is I got a new motherboard, it won't read my SATA HDD or any SATA HDD for that matter. It reads the DVD-ROM perfectly fine. The new mb is a msi K9N6PGN2 -V2, AMD Processor. The HDD is a 500GB Western Digital. The HDD works fine on my other pc but it will not even show up in BIOS on this new one. I've tried changing my BIOS settings. I don't know if I'm not changing them correctly or what. I've tried changing out the cables for the ones that work fine on my computer. I try to run windows xp install/repair, it won't do anything since it's not detecting the HDD. Their computer had gotten wet and fried the old mb and old HDD. They're both brand new. Still I get nothing. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot
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  1. I can't find your motherboard at MSI website, but maybe this series is your motherboard.

    You don't specified the DVD-ROM type, whether it is IDE or SATA. If it is mixed, try to set your BIOS to read both IDE and SATA port. In my motherboard (DFI Infinity 975x), the setting is below IDE setting. I set it to IDE Mode: Enhanced (to be able to read both SATA and IDE port). and set the SATA port to AHCI mode.

    I hope moderator see this in the right spot since maybe your problem is on your BIOS setting.
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