Asus P5N-D Motherboard won't turn on with graphics card installed

I recently bought an ASUS P5N-D motherboard to replace my old one (It broke in two, don't ask), but it will not turn on while the graphics card installed.

I can get it to boot fine without the graphics card, but when the graphics card is installed, it will not boot.

The graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 3450. I'm not planning on doing serious gaming on it, that's what I have a gaming computer for.
This is really frustrating. I feel like I waste $100 on something that's useless to me :fou:
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  1. I assume you've tried the GPU in both the blue (where it should go of course), and the black 2.0 slots.
    Since you say you have a separate gaming comp, can you try one of it's GPUs.
    Hey, you did clear the CMOS on arrival right?
  2. Yes, I did try putting it in both slots and tried the other graphics cards in both slots, it still won't boot.

    Also, I'm sort of new to hardware. What is the CMOS part?
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