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I recently decided to build a desktop and the first item that arrived is the PSU (XFX 750W Black Edition). I wanted to make sure that it wasn't DOA, so I plugged the PSU into the wall and turned it on, but nothing happened. I expected the fan to start whirling or something, but then I figured if it wasn't plugged into anything, maybe it's doing exactly what its supposed to.

Is my PSU perfectly fine or DOA?
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    I've never plugged a PSU into a wall without anything connected before, but what you described doesn't sound good. I'm pretty sure the fan should kick in at a bare minimum. I'd try hooking up an auxiliary fan to one of the Molex connectors, see if it powers it, maybe try another outlet, and confirm you are using the switch on the back of the PSU in both positions. If you still see no change. I'd say it's DOA.
  2. I see that the Molex connectors are the connectors with 4 pins and the only things I have right now are my Lian Li Lancool K62, it has 4 fans but the connector for the fans seems to have 3 pins and I can't figure out how to plug that in using the molex connector. By auxillary fan, do you mean one of the fans in the case?
  3. Yeah. Most cases come with a few dinky little adapters to go from the large 4pin Molex of your PSU to the small 3pin fan plug. The reason I suggest a fan is in case your PSU is damaged, the worst it could do is fry your fan vs. a new MoBo. =)
  4. Thanks toofly. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any adapters :(. I'll call newegg and see if need to RMA.
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  6. Just an update, I called XFX support and they said that this was normal and that I needed a mobo connected first, which would then tell the PSU to turn on. The guy seemed very knowledgeable and credible, so hopefully all goes well.
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