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I am int he process of setting up my new board and have a couple questions regarding HDD's and drivers. First of all, what drivers are necessary to install after installing windows. Obviously the LAN, onboard sound, and USB 3.0 are required. Where I'm confused now is whether the INF chipset driver must be installed. Then, what about the Intel SATA driver, Gigabyte SATA 2 driver, Marvel console driver and Marvel RAID utility? Right now, I have a single WD Black 1TB SATA 3 drive. I have it and my optical drive plugged into the 2 Marvell controlled SATA 3 6GB/s ports. Is this the best option for me right now? Any help you could give me after a clean install of Windows 7 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. You need not be concerned about which drivers to install; the software will do it for you. It will examine your setup and install the needed drivers. Later on, should you add a piece of hardware, it will tell you what drivers it needs and when you put the disc in it will search for and suck the driver right off of it.
    Cool huh?
  2. For my build, with a GA-X58-USB3, I went to Gigabyte's site and downloaded all of the latest drivers for it. They are all executibles, including the "Intel INF installation" one, which you should do first. I did not install the audio drivers, since I got a SoundBlaster card, nor the RAID drivers, since I don't do RAID.
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