My Partition is damaged after scan disk

hi h r u ?? i need a quickly response coz my partition is damaged after scan disk. All Data on it are found but damaged & deleted 3 GB 4m it . It contains very very important data i need to recover it anyone can help ??
The partition still on the same status i deleted 2 files only but i don't write on it. thx & waiting ur quick replay
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    Perform a deep scan.

    Good luck!
  2. ELMO_2006 said:

    Perform a deep scan.

    Good luck!

    thx 4 replay but i tried it before and it's ok i'll try it again but my problem data all visual 2 me but when i open Pic , TxT , any ExE , ISO , RaR are corrupted or damaged i think if main infrastructure fixed everything will be ok
  3. ...or you can try this...

    You may have to pay for certain options.
  4. ELMO_2006 said:
    ...or you can try this...

    You may have to pay for certain options.

    thx for quick response but it will fix MFT of Drive that includes File System or not ?
  5. That is what it says on the website.
  6. I hope so bro but i checked the site and see this " Ntfs Data Recovery software " this the same or not ?
  7. it is taken from the website:

    DiskInternals FAT Recovery does not write anything to the damaged disk, therefore you can try the program without any risk of losing data you want to be recovered. It does not matter whether Windows recognizes a disk or not, nor does it matter if all directory information is missing – all recoverable data will be recovered and the original disk structure will be restored.

    Because the program scans every single sector, it never “overlooks” or misses recoverable data. Another important advantage of DiskInternals FAT Recovery is its capability to recover data from virtual disks, and it does not matter if the data was deleted prior to recovery or not.

    DiskInternals FAT Recovery supports the following file systems - FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT. Files up to 64 KB are recovered by DiskInternals FAT Recovery free (no registration required).

    Partition Recovery:

    DiskInternals Partition Recovery foresees a variety of cases, when it may render its authoritative assistance. It is just what you need, when you desperately try to recover data from damaged, deleted, lost or reformatted partitions; when you have accidentally deleted a partition image file or an important document; when a disk volume containing valuable information was damaged due to a system malfunction or a disk volume was damaged by a dangerous virus; when your OS cannot access a disk drive; when files or folders are corrupted and the like. These problems are surmountable, because the program has a built-in triad of wizards, which effectively solve all these problems. It has Partition Recovery Wizard, NTFS Recovery Wizard and FAT Recovery Wizard. The whole process of restoration is automatic and is shown in a visually clear way.

    DiskInternals Partition Recovery supports a multitude of file systems, including

    FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT
    NTFS, NTFS4 and NTFS5
    Ext2, Ext3
    The tool scans every disk sector for recoverable data; therefore it never ignores or misses anything that can be restored. With this program you are always on the safe side: DiskInternals Partition Recovery repairs data from virtual disks, and it does not matter if these files or folders were deleted before recovery or not. DiskInternals Partition Recovery is a sure way to get you precious information back.

    Admins please do not *block or suspend me* as I'm not software bot, just trying to help someone out.
  8. really thanks 4 response but i saw 2 versions so i want to know the Fat version will run ok or the the second version of NTFS is the best one .... regards
  9. I tried this Program but it's a shock cuz it categorize Drive as file types like : JPGE , Doc , AVI , etc and when i try to recover it make the file not with his name but " 000001 , 000002 , etc " i don't know why ?cuz it's Demo or what !! and if i buy it , it'll be make drive as a drive not files type and show file with there names not numbers ?? .... hope anyone answer me and if available another programs I'll be so Happy for help thxx and wait answer
  10. guys where r ur response really need help plz
  11. You can try reading here for further information:



    You can use a windows 7 repair disk (chkdsk and/or fixmbr)

    Other than that I'm not sure what else you can try, as usual maybe one of the senior forum members can assist here.
  12. still the same issue i wanna to fix MFT to read files correctly now i see files but useless cuz all files are corrupted :( i wana help
  13. any solution guys ?? i need to solve my problem :(
  14. Still The Same Issue but i need a software to fix MFT to i can access my data that's my issue & thx for ur quick response
  15. Does Ubuntu help to Fix MFT of Partition ?? I Need Help
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