Is my gpu broken?

Hey guys.
My pc started to have problems about 2 weeks ago. one day my computer screen started to flash. then it satrted going all artifact-y whenever i started loading a game.

So I decided to take my pc apart and clean the gpu, so when i got rid of the dust, i restarted the pc but i still got those graphical problems.

I then decided to re format the pc, hoping it was a driver issue. now the flashing's gone, but i cant play any games. it seems the pc doesnt detect the gpu's drivers, and i have repeatedly reinstalled the latest one.

Now whenever i try to play a game I get a message saying failed to find supported hardware rendering device......
cpu-z also fails to detect my gpu.
I've downloaded the latest drivers and everything, but still doesnt detect the gpu....

Any ideas???

ps: I was able to play a game last night without any problems, just had to dim down the graphics, i defragged the pc after this, and then i started getting all the above problems^^

pps: It's an nvidia 8800gt
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  1. also when i go into display adapters on device manager, i get error code 43........ sounds like my gp is just F**ked..... is it?
  2. It looks like overheating damaged your card in one way or another. Here are more people with the same issue and one tried the card in a different computer with same results.
  3. Try your GPU on a diffferent PC, if it is still acting up it then you have your answer.
  4. thanks guys il try that out
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