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In its description, this motherboard says "DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600* *(OC)." What exactly needs to be overclocked to use 1600mz memory?
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  1. The cpu needs to be overclocked about 20% to get the ram to 1600. Cpu-z will report the speed as half the actual, so it will read as 800.
  2. Thank you so much for the answer. So this means that if I want the full power of my ram, I will need to oc the cpu. Is there a solid am3 motherboard that won't require this at around $60-$100?
  3. My biostar A880G+ will and costs around $70 at newegg; has an hdmi port for blueray and 2 ram slots. With the ram at 1333, I set my sempron at 240 fsb and the ram runs at 1600. Formated and loaded windows 7 this morning while overclocked with no problems. I would download the msi manual and check the bios settings; msi also overclocks easily. I rarely bump up the voltage while overclocking; it's usually not necessary.
  4. I guess I should specify that I want 4 memory slots (I only will use 2 but want to be able to add later), usb 3.0 and the fastest SATA.
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