"Windows detected a hard disk problem" and aftermath

This. I wasn't able to backup any of my files. Two volumes this disk has went missing two days ago. I have given up on those and now two minutes earlier when i have started the computer they were for two minutes but that wasn't enough to copy the files from them to my working HDD.
Any ideas how may i avoid any data loss. One hour is all i need with this disk.
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  1. Check the S.M.A.R.T. Data, get CrystalDisk Info: http://crystalmark.info/download/index-e.html

    You could try Recova from Pilform, I don't know any other programs that would be free though. SpinRite: http://www.grc.com/spinrite.htm which is fairly expensive generally does a good job at fixing and recovering data. Fixed a few drives i got recently that had bad Smart data on them.
  2. How would a software help me when i fail to reach to the hard drive?
  3. Well if bios or the OS can't detect the drive, your drive is most likely physically dead & pretty much the only way to recover the data is to send it into a data recovery but it's really expensive. It'll be far cheaper to buy a back up drive to keep the data safe.
  4. As mentioned in other forums, you can try to boot with a Linux CD/DVD and see if the drive is available and go from there.
  5. So booting with a Linux OS CD/DVD might detect false drives and give me enough time to backup/copy them?
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by *false drives* but to answer your question *YES* hopefully. I personally feel sorry for those that end up losing their data to a HDD crash or what not!
  7. Is it possible for me to backup my files if Linux would be able to see it?

    Other than that, in my bios the faulty hard disk is shown but not in Disk Management. Is it free to say the disk is dead at this point?

    I'm assuming maybe it is possible to have hope to recover some data by copying or backing up since I'm able to see it on Bios and not in Windows 7.
  8. If Linux does see it i don't see why you couldn't back up your files. It depends on whether or not the hard drive is spinning and working. I have had drives that show up in disk management but the drive itself has seized up. It might be a similar issue to yours.

    First i would suggest that you verify that all cables are hooked up securely then when you boot your PC up, listen to see whether the drive sounds like it's spinning up. If it is making a strange or loud noise then you have a problem. If the drive seized up it's possible you might hear a buzzing noise at least this is what one of my drives did when it died. Anyway if Linux does see the drive, make sure you have the back up drive ready! :) I'm not too familiar with Linux drive readability but it can't hurt to try it out since it's free.
  9. OK. I will try downloading Ubuntu now.
    Other than that i have read on another thread this might be a bug due to drivers. So I want to give it a try. Simply unistalling/re-installing hard disk drivers from hardware management would damage the datas on the disk. Both of my disks are Seagate.
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