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hi everyone, I've been useing this system i'm on now since i built it back in 8/2003 useing an Asus P4c800e Deluxe motherboard. It served me well all these years but.... it's time at last to upgrade. Saved some money and i'm ready to go. Can i get any opinions/sugestions on what i've been thinking about so far??? haven't bought anything yet, but would like to before the weekend is over. these are my thoughts so far: I put these in Wish list $160.00 OS- Windows 7 professional upgrade 64 bit *** $169.99 Case- Antec 1200 Full Tower *** $109.95 PSU- Antec TP-750 Blue *** $379.99 Motherboard- Asus Rampage lll *** $289.99 Processor- Intel core i7 930 *** $229.99 RAM- CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1600 (PC3 12800 triple channel *** $94.99 Hard drive- Western Digital Caviar WD1002FAEX 1 TB SATA 6.0 *** ????? Video card ????? ****- 75.00 mail in rebates 1,359.90 total so far after 75.00 rebates ***As you can see, i haven't chosen a video card yet. Any recomendations will be appreciated, as well as any other opinions/sugestion on what i already had in mind. i'm pooped out from searching. thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have. email me if you can/want thanks again dan
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  1. Is this PC for gaming ?

    Whats your budget ?

    Whats your monitors rez ?

    Are you reusing any old parts ?

    Do you need a new monitor also ?
  2. MicroCenter has the best prices for CPUs
  3. Is this PC for gaming ? no, but want it open for that.

    Whats your budget ? 2,000 give or take

    Whats your monitors rez ? monitor i'm useing is T260HD Samsung 26” HDTV

    Are you reusing any old parts ? no

    Do you need a new monitor also ? no
  4. Ubrales said:
    MicroCenter has the best prices for CPUs

    wow, i just looked and your right. 199.99 compared to newegg's 289.99
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    You could look into a GTX 470 HD 5870 or a GTX 480 would give you above avg fps in games @ your monitors rez.
  6. danhasmail said:
    wow, i just looked and your right. 199.99 compared to newegg's 289.99

    To get that price, you have to be able to go to a store and pick it up, you can't just order it online.

    People will be able to give you much better advice if you fill out the form in How to Ask for New Build Advice.
  7. After i had looked at it again, i did notice that it had to be picked up at the store. Since i'm not close to one of their stores, i decided to get it at newegg with the rest of my stuff.

    I finally chose to get the MSI N470GTX-M2D12-B 1280MB RT video card.

    I ordered everything about 7:00 this morning.
    Although they were out of stock on the RAM i wanted so i filled out an autonotify. i'm sure they will have it soon. CORSAIR Dominator 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1600 (PC3 12800 triple channel.

    Also got 140 off for adding everything to the cart as combos.

    I hope to start putting it together this weekend. :bounce:

    thanks for all the suggestions,

    danny :hello:
  8. You will be very happy about the Corsair Dominator RAM - I have the same type, 6 sticks for a total of 12 GB (matched set)
  9. I switched thoughts on the RAM, i don't remember why i switched, but i got the CORSAIR XMS TR3X6G1600C7 instead. 3 sticks to make a matched set of 6 GB.
    Don't know how it all works yet, i did an out of the case test and it all worked together to boot up (no puffs of smoke) and was able to enter the BIOS, but in able to load windows 7 64 bit, i needed to order a SATA DVD drive cause i hadn't noticed that this mobo doesn't come with an IDE connector or a floppy connector. That's ok though, would've ordered this mobo even if i had known, just would've ordered the SATA DVD at the same time. The DVD drive is scheduled to be here today. That's just one of the things i like about newegg, they are fast.
  10. Glad you ordered the DVD drive - it's a $22 item and such items I usually pickup from our local computer stores, where returns are easier cost-wise.

    Once I RMA'd a $22 Rosewill item to Newegg. After UPS costs and re-stocking fees, I got back $7 out of $22 - something to consider next time.
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