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I have a client that I know personally, who came into our shop for a data transfer. I was not the initial tech who worked on it but I'm left with the mess. Our client was changing hard drives on his laptop (old one was functioning, so I'm not sure as to why), but one of our "IT techs" transferred his data to an external HDD and installed a new copy of Windows 7 Pro on the system. When he transferred to the external, he did a very poor job, to say the least. Forgot all of the 2012 files and back-ups. Why he did not do this, I know not. Anyway, he had MS Office Pro '07 on the original drive but he does not have the discs or key code. He believes the Company he works for had their IT install it. It is obviously genuine and was correctly and legally installed. If I dock his hard drives (new and old), will Office transfer to the new drive? Should I clone it? I have a duel docker/cloner, but would that even successfully install or transfer from the old drive without having the original key-code? I can dock his old one singly and see if I can transfer his Office '07, but I'm not sure it will work. From what I've read online, Office can be cloned to a new drive with Acronis or Norton ghost, but without the original Key Code, I'm not sure this will work. His Company's IT has been fairly unresponsive for him and I'm nearly to the point of contacting them myself. I've done a few data transfers of files/documents and a couple clones but haven't had to activate an OS or MS Office program from a cloned drive yet. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
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    When you clone a drive you typically clone the entire drive. The computer then acts like it has the original drive in the computer - it has all the applications, data and settings. I haven't seen where you can just clone an application from 1 drive to another. I would just clone the disk and be done with it.
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  3. Thanks, I still can't quite figure why he got rid of the other one (I'll have to find find out) but if the cloned drive works I'll just throw them in the dock and hit the clone button.
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