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First time posting to this site. Hoping I can spark someone's interest. I've recently spent a few bucks trying to bring my old SR1403WM back to life. brand new Corsair 2(1g)400mhzPC3200ddrRAM, added Antec Tricool 92mm case fan 2200rpm 28dba max, to "try" and keep things cool because I also added a new raidmax rx630z hybrid series psu. Unfortunately, everything still seems to be running 6-10 degrees warmer because of it. Someone please advize me on what kind of fan and heatsink to keep my cpu cooler. My rig is a "dino"... It still carries the old asus k8s-la salmon-gl6e mobo. I would like something a little flashy and would be able to keep when I started to build my first rig. Thus the 630psu. lol. once again. thanks for any help and advice.
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  1. Is the cpu or system temp 8-10c warmer? Or is it farenheit? Makes a big difference. System temps can vary anytime you change the case airflow. And your current temps may still be within spec.
  2. the cpu is running 6-10c hotter.
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