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Hey All
I want to upgrade my graphics card from a 9600GT to a current generation board. I originally had my sights set on the 5770, but now I have a 225$ HIS 5830 in the mix as well. Furthermore I've heard recommendations on other threads that I should consider a 5850 as well. I'd prefer to spend between 200-250$ with tax and shipping, unless the 5850 is the undisputed best choice.

I'll be gaming at 1920 x 1080 on the most recent games, and I do plan on overlcocking.

What path should I be taking? If you do recommend a card, could you also indicate a brand, or whether or not different brands matter?

Here's my system

II X4 620 @ 3.2GHz, OCZ Gladiator 92mm cooler.
4GB Corsair PC-6400
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H mobo
Asus 9600GT
OCZ 600W ModXStream PSU
Hitachi Desktar 500GB HDD
Case with 3 120mm fans, 1 80mm, so airflow is not an issue right now

Thanks Everyone!
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  1. Ahh, so you do plan on overclocking. That's the selling point.

    You WILL want an HD5850. Particularly an Asus DirectCU edition, which is $320. This card will outperform the $400 HD5870 when overclocked, and will stay very cool. An HD5770 or HD5830 will struggle on 1920x1080, especially with the more recent games (Metro2033, etc).
  2. HD5850 is worth it over HD5830.
  3. i don't plan on doing tons of overclcoking, and i know the DirectCu has the voltage tweak, but it's unlikely i will use it.

    i have my 9600GT OC'd at 733MHz/1850/1065,
    up from 650/1600/900
  4. Even without voltage adjustments an HD5850 should go to 850core/1100 memory, so have fun!
  5. i live in canada so i'd be using
    just clarifications, powercolor is a bit of sketchy brand with customer support and stuff right? and HIS is good, so would this be the best buy:
  6. The cheapest is $314, and this HIS one (with good cooling) is $319;

    It may be the same one you linked, but I can't see the link.
  7. it is the same card. is it definitely worth the money over the 5770 (Sapphire Vapor-X, 175$), and the same HIS cooler on a 5830 (226$).
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