Buying a new CPU within budget 2000 with pricelist provided

Hi All,Kindly advice me what should i get for my new build pc with budget of $2000
and with the pricelist below:

For my new build PC i will be using 22" lcd screen resolution depends on wat i can get
for this pc i will be playing online game such as cabal online, and starcraft 2.
wat spec can i hope or wish i can get something stable and smooth. part that i need to get with the budget of $2000

Graphic Card:
HardDisk Drive:
(Advice me if i need to buy what Watts power supply for this)
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  1. Hi all, i wanted to buy a new cpu but within my budget limit of 2000 with pricelist attached cpu usage is mainly for gaming like starcraft 2 and some online game with the pricelist bottom. can any1 help me with this?
  2. erm, due to different country and different pricing, tat is why i am providing a pricelist here. help me pls if u all can. T.T
  3. Do you already have a motherboard?

    Are you building a complete PC or upgrading?

    What screen resolution are you using?

    In other words, tell us more please.
  4. hi all i don have mother board with the pricelist above i wanted to have

    CD/DVD - Rom:
    Power Supply "if Needed" :

    I need something stable n suitable for gaming
  5. 1) What monitor size and resolution will you use?
    2) Do you have a power supply? If yes, what size?
    3) Do you have a graphics card?
  6. i don have any component with me i need to make a new cpu i will be using 22" lcd monitor.
  7. This should work out OK. You will need a 400W-450W power supply, a case, mouse, keyboard, speakers, and a 22" monitor. The motherboard is a micro ATX, so it will fit in a standard ATX case, or a smaller micro ATX case.

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