NZXT Phantom additional fans?

Was wondering if there was some free advice on fan types to fill the empty spots in the nzxt phantom case(white with blue led fans) .
there are i beleive a 230mm side fan option, 140mm front fan option and a top 200mm option.

This system will include:

asus rampage III formula x58
950 i7
6gb patiot viper 1600 ddr3
CM V6gt
2 x WD caviar black 2tb raid 0
2 x asus matrix rog p 5870 CF
1 x Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB SATA III MLC (SSD)
CM silent pro gold 1200w
Case NZXT Phantom white with blue led fans.
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  1. Try,

    NZXT fan:

    There is also a 120mm fan too, not sure about the 200mm+ options, they might come at a later date.
  2. Overkill power supply and overkill motherboard, you could save over 200$ ...

    For the fans, you got a %$#@ load of choices on :)
  3. Funny at first I thought it was overkill but i got some of the parts from a computer some one built but never picked up so I got a killer deal on the power supply! got it for same price as the 800 watt so I took it.

    I guess i waas not as clear as I meant was hoping someone might have either advice if I even need fans in excess of what is included. Also was wondering if there was somewhere to get a matching, as in the identical fan(s) as what is included with the stock system.

    The mother board is not overkill as it suits my audio needs as well as overclocking and regular use. I sure that there is an opinion out there that is a valid argument to support the economics of this build. Fortunatley Money was not an object here and am quite satisfied albeit in ignorance perhaps.... but got toget all the bliss i can in this life!!

    Thanks for the posts!!!
  4. w_willgress said:
    F. but got toget all the bliss i can in this life!!

    :D go for it since you can...
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