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Okay I need some help with getting some upgrades here. I want to upgrade to a core i7 based rig, and I need some help with components.

My computer will be used for engineering and gaming, and I only need to replace some pieces not a entire rig.

Current Spec:
Asus p5q pro p45
core 2 duo e8400
Sapphire hd5850
WD caviar black 640gb
Seagate bracuda 320gb
4gb ddr2 800
Corsair 750w psu (how do you test these I want to check it, but it seems to be working fine)

What I really want to upgrade to a quad core i7 cpu, and ddr3.

Can i get some help on parts.

My budget cap is $800 but I would like to keep it under $700 if possible.
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  1. this:

    depending on if you oc, if its for gaming, and a few other things may affect this, but final price is 664.98$.
  2. Anyone on info on how to test a psu and make sure it is properly functioning.
  3. well if its working, its working. although u may want to swap it out into a different computer, or use a volt meter.
  4. Quote:
    Typically a psu starting to go bad the pc has random reboots and starts up for a few seconds then restarts repeatedly or won't start at all. PSU's loose efficiency over time - puts out less maximum dc voltage amps available, but a well built psu may not have an issue unless used near the max (gaming) for the years used. Adding a high power graphics card and overclocking the cpu demand more of the psu. If your pc is working ok then no need to replace it. You could get a watts meter to show your pc's total watts used which would tell you how much of the psu watts you are using (test with a demanding game or a test benchmark). 500W+ means using 80% (heavy usage), 350W (good usage). Using 20% to 60% of a psu's rated watts is good, not heavy usage of it and not underpowering it either.

    in a thread i started.... here
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