New ATi GFX card causing v/slow boot (black screen)

Hi Guys

I have recently purchased a ATi Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-X graphics card to replace my broken 8800gt.

The card is in my Asus P5N-E SLi Motherboard. I can only afford one card and I choose ATI as ive seen and heard great things.

Anyway, I plugged the graphics card in and turned on my PC for the first time with the new card. My two screens stayed blank. No picture. Wierd I thought. The screen lights were blinking to say no input detected.

After 30 seconds of black screens a picture finally appeared on the screen and the computer proceeded to do the POST checks and the stuff that normally instantly happens when the on button is pressed.

I got to windows (7-64bit) and installed the latest drivers and the graphics card worked fine.

But the boot problem remains. Its not a major problem, but it's going to get annoying.

Does anyone have any idea why my computer seems to do absolutely nothing for 30seconds when turned on? The same problem occurs when the computer is restarted.

Any help will be appreciated. Hopefully there will be an easy fix, returning items is always a pain.


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  1. Update your motherboard bios to 1502.

    That should solve the problem from what Ive read.

    I have the same motherboard except its the P5N32-E SLI PLUS version.

    Read this thread.
  2. you guys never disappoint.

    Thanks a lot dude. Il give that a guy later.
  3. Cool lemme know how it goes.

    I have a 5850 on the way and I heard about that issue. I updated to 1502 awhile ago though so I should be good.
  4. sorry for opening an old thread but I recently got an SAPPHIRE HD 6850 vapor-x card to replace my old 7600gt. My motherboard is asus P5N-E SLI ...and I'm getting the black screen at start up doesn't boot at all. Flashing to the latest bios doesn't help either.

    I have a Silverstone ST50F-ES PSU (500W) - is the problem in the PSU or the MBO??
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