How to recover the space of d drive accidently disappeared during external hard

My sony viao is 6GB, orginally it has only 'C' drive and never created the partition as D drive before. After a long time I partitioned a D drive with a capacity of 254GB. It always displayed Drive'C' and the Drive 'D" on my "computer". I just bought a 1TB Tosiba Pocket Hard Drive and tried to start with my lap top for certain backup. As soon I connected this 1TB Hard drive I noticed the available space on this disk is 931GB on TOSHIBA HDD 'D' and the orginal partioned space of 254GB has been disappear from the computer. When I removed my external Hard drive I could not get the 254GB and Only 254GB is available out of my 6GB. Please answer how can I restore or recover the lost space of my laptop as it was orginal condition?
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  1. If the original drive is only 6GB how could you create a 254GB partition on that drive? Did you mean the drive you partitioned is a 600GB drive or the partition is a 254MB?
    Have you looked at disk management to check and see if both partitions show up there? If not, try this and post what you see.
    1. Click on Start
    2. Type compmgmt.msc in search and then press Enter
    3. Click on Disk Management under Storage

    Doing the above will show you the partitions and status of your drives.
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