IBT passes 100, but P95 has errors on 2 cores after 13 hours - ?

Hey guys,

The title says it all:

IBT/LinPack gets 100 passes, Pirme95 on Blend gets a computational error after 13 hours: would should I look at? I'm assuming that IBT means the CPU and Vcore are just fine where they are.

(I'm running MemTest as I type, 4 passes good, so far). [ EDIT: MEMTEST was good for 7 passes before I stopped it.]

What I was thinking is to leave the Vcore where it is, and boost my DRAM Voltage to 1.66, but I'd have to push up my QPI/Vtt, right? Was hoping to keep it where it is, for temperature's sake.

Thanks in advance for your help!! I'm a first time builder and first time overclocker.


3.5 GHZ CPU Freq.
24/43/76 Temps: Ambi/Idle/Load
100 Passes of Intel Burn Test

19 CPU Clock Ratio
36 QPI Clock Ratio
16 Uncore Clock Ratio
185 BCLK Freq
8 System Mem Mult (SPD)

8 CAS Latency Time
8 tRCD
8 tRP
24 tRAS

1.1125 CPU Vcore
1.095 QPI/Vtt (FSB)
1.58 DRAM Voltage (mem is rated at 1.65, but to keep .5v away from "QPI/Vtt, I had to drop. QPI/Vtt was lowered to keep temps down)
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  1. You are going at it right by checking your memory. My concern is you lowered your voltage requirement but didn't adjust timings (loosen) to factor in the less voltage. It might be causing a stability issue.

    Also, what were your temps with Prime95??
  2. I brought my clock down to 3.5 specifically to manage temps. IBT was getting 24/43/76 (hovering around 72C, under load) ambi/idle/load. P95 was probably doing about 10 deg cooler, so I didn't monitor it exactly. But it was in the 60's.

    No, I didn't adjust the timings. So should I loosen the timings to this?

    9 CAS Latency Time
    9 tRCD
    9 tRP
    24 tRAS

    Or add voltage to both qpi/vtt and dram-voltage and deal with a couple degrees higher heat?

    Thanks for the help!
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