What does "Good" on the EVGA GTX470 box labele mean?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about ordering an EVGA GTX 470 from Newegg and I noticed on the Box pictured on the photos page that the word "Good" was printed. What does that mean exactly? Is it a rating by some group? It just struck me as odd that the label would say "Good" .....

Have a look at the link and zoom in on the last picture ... you'll see what I mean:


I would think it should say Fantastic or Great or nothing at all???


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  1. Exactly what it says. It is a good (fast) card but not as good as SSC that is not as good as FTW.
  2. Oooh ... I see that now... Obviously I did not even know what SSC and FTW were! :o

    thanks everyone
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