Biostar N68S3+ bad BIOS flash extreme solution possibly necessary


I tried to flash the BIOS on my N68S3+ AM3 motherboard the other day through Biostar's WinFlash utility, and I'm not able to boot at all now. The motherboard doesn't beep any more, even without any RAM in place. I've attempted using AMIBOOT.ROM to "Re-Life" the BIOS without any luck via 3.5 inch floppy or USB flash drive.

Since it seems like I'm out of options I'm wondering if a hot flash is necessary. Unfortunately, I don't have an identical Biostar board, but I do have two other A780L3L boards. The chips look identical, but the last four digit code on them does not match. One is 1014, and the other is 1045. I'm wondering if I can flash the N68S3+ BIOS to the other board's chip and attempt to bring the dead board back to life. I'm guessing that's a terrible idea, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

I was also wondering if there's any other way to flash the BIOS on my board without purchasing an identical board. They're cheap, but I'd rather not go that route. Is it possible to use a Willem programmer to flash the chip?
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    You can request an rma from biostar. Just tell them it won't post. No other explanation is necessary. It takes about one day for them to respond, and costs about $9 to ship it by parcel post in the usa. The worst they can do is turn you down. I got my replacement board in about nine days, but it can take up to three weeks.
  2. Although that's probably the best solution to the problem, and I'll probably use the retailer that sent me the board's warranty, I was wondering what would be the best way to handle it if I don't have a warranty.

    Just curious.
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  4. I would go with biostar directly. They were fast for me. Keep all the old accessories and send just the motherboard. Most of their boards have a three year warranty.
  5. I would ask Biostar for a replacement BIOS chip next time as it's socketed. It's much easier to do than removing the board, reactivate the OS, etc. In the future, just put the Bios update on a FAT 32 USB, then boot time hit F12. Select the USB, and then the file. It flashes after that. NEVER use Windows based flashers. Also, 3rd parties sell Bios chip replacements on Ebay. As long as it's intended for your board and has the the correct updated version of your Bios, it'd be a failsafe that could come in handy, and they only cost $3-20 . But I'd go through Biostar 1st to see if they'd sell or give the Bios chip as it be cheaper and faster for them to mail that to you rather than swapping boards, mailing it, etc etc etc etc.
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