Laptop vs Desktop for Gr11 student

Currently, I have either a desktop or a laptop to choose from. If I decide to get a laptop, I can get it now. If I get a desktop, I may have to wait. I have two years before I head to university. What is preferable?

Wants: To be able to game up to 2011, to be able to work, better for me as a student in high school for two/three (victory lap) more years.
Budget: Under $1300
Country: Canada

I have these in mind:



Should I get the laptop or should I stick with a desktop and get a laptop when I get into university/college?
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  1. I will give you some information to help you make your decision.

    Generally, desktops will give you less problems than a laptop. If you do not need the portability of a laptop, then a desktop is the way to go. Gaming will work better on a desktop.

    Beware of the Gateway brand. Overall lower quality and poor tech support. Same story with Dell.

    Do some more research, read a lot of reviews, and then pick a suitable desktop. In 2 years when you are ready for college, consider a laptop (for portability).
  2. The desktop PC is considerably more powerful than the laptop. And its a 'generation' newer - Core i7 vs Core 2 Duo. It should have a longer 'useful' lifespan - especially for gaming since you can upgrade the video card in a couple years.

    Some benchmark comparisons from Passmark (desktop vs laptop)
    CPU: Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz = 5525 vs Core2 Duo P7350 @ 2.00GHz = 1395
    GPU: HD 5850 = 2408 vs GTX 260M = 706 - The GTX 260M is roughly equivalent to a desktop 8800 GS or HD 4670 video card.
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