Z68 Chipset Release Date

As per softpedia.com intel will release Z68 chipset on 11 May 2011.

but i have questions.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.............

1. intel will release Z68 chipset on 11 May 2011, does that mean that Only chipset will be released not motherboard, as per my knowledge.

chipset is released to be used by Other motherboard manufacturing companies to build their Z68 Motherboard.

While if intel release Z68 motherboard that means user can use that Final Product to install i5 2500k.

So as intel is releasing only Z68 chipset that means it will take more time to buy Z68 Motherboard( final Product )......

Please correct me if I'm wrong. and if you have any information about Intel Z68 Final Motherboard Release date, Please share that with me........


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  1. Good question - I think there are several MBs ready to be released - probably can not release untill 11 May, at least in US. So may show up on 11 May, or very soon afterwards.

    Appears the Gigabyte Z68 is already out in a few select markets
    Pictures of back panel for Gigabyte Z68-UD7 & ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
  2. Apple has delivered the Z68 in its new iMacs on 3 May 2011.
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