No picture, everything else seems fine

I press power on the case or on the mobo and get no picture on the monitor. Tried another monitor, no luck. Connected from MSI 5450 with a VGA cable.

HDDs are humming and warm, DVD drive opens up, mobo lights up, PSU fan is blowing.

I don't have another graphics card to test but it looks like I'll have to find one. Reset CMOS - nothing. I have no onboard graphics, and USB doesn't seem to work, mouse/keyboard don't light up.

PSU is connected to mobo, CPU fan is connected to mobo, standoffs were included with case... any ideas?

Core i7 930
Asrock Extreme 3
msi r5450 1gb
Corsair 400w PSU and a couple HDD and DVD that all worked fine this morning
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  1. Try taking out your video card and putting it back in.
  2. Put the graphics card in a different computer, worked fine. Tried a new motherboard, same problem.
  3. 1) Do you have the monitor turned on (had to ask ... ) Is the power light on the monitor on? If not, try plugging direct into a wall outlet instead of power strip.
    2) Do you see anything on the monitor when you boot up ... bios information?
    3) If so, can you go into Safe Mode? (F8) and do you see anything there?
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    More thoughts ...
    Do you get any beeps when you start the computer?
    Are you sure your memory is good?
    Have you checked your power supply? Corsair is all I use and are pretty reliable but some video cards want at least 450W PSU ... just a thought.

    Okay, you tried 2 monitors on this computer and neither worked. Do they both work on another computer hooked into same power source? Did you use the same video cable for both? Might be a bad cable.
    Video card doesn't work in this computer but does work in another computer? Most likely not the video card. If you're getting anything on the screen during boot, then I'd suspect drivers, especially if you can see anything in safe mode.
  5. Totally blank screen. No BIOS, no signal. Not sure about the RAM. Tried one stick, didn't change anything. Everything is in the right slot - maybe wrong voltage or timing? Didn't think much about that before I ordered and can't find compatibility from MSI website. ASRock says the sticks are compatible, though.

    I'm using Corsair 400W CX power supply. I've tried about 3 VGA cables now, it's not the monitor, not the cable. Tried taking the motherboard out of the box to see if it was grounding issue, that's not it.

    The case I have doesn't have a speaker, so no ideas on that. There are LEDs on the MSI motherboard I hooked up that tell you what's working and what's not: processor, pci-e slot (video card), and ram are OK.

    Still no USB power from the motherboard- I find that odd, maybe disabled in CMOS by default?

    Monitor is on, power's all hooked up. Tried monitor with another box, worked well.

    Tried everything bare bones - one HDD, motherboard, 1 stick of ram, video card, still nothing.

    The only thing I can think to fault now is the PSU or the processor.

    thanks btw
  6. Did you try Corsair in other computer that worked with the video card? Try the PSU first then add the Video card.

    Is your RAM in the blue slots? Did you try putting them in the white slots?
  7. I took it to the shop and had them fix it. Didn't bother asking what the problem was, though. Thanks for your help.
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