How much storage do I need?

I'm going to build a new computer, and was wondering how big of a hard drive I need. I will store music with iTunes and screen cap with MSI Afterburner. After uploading to Youtube, I will most likely delete the video, but I will keep a few. I will play some games from a disc, and some from Steam. Can anyone recommend how much storage I need, or link an article showing how much I need? Thx :)
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  1. I'm guessing you won't have all that much music - ~50Gb max; games on Steam - ~100Gb max; videos and screen caps - lets say ~500Gb max. Round up for the OS and any extras, and I'd say a 1Tb drive would suit you fine for a good while.

    Take a look at Western Digital Blue 1Tb or Black 1Tb drives on Newegg - 1Tb drives run from $70 to $110 on average. 2Tb and 3Tb aren't much more expensive though, so don't ignore those.
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