How to fix inpage error on external hard drive?

Hello folks I was wondering if an external Hard Drive that reads inpage error can be fixed,
We are talking external 1 terabyte HD. cause ...could of been from data transfer interruption.
any help would be appreciated thanks,...
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    Hi Cyber, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Have you tried the cmd Chkdsk /f/r DriveLetter:

    With you system booted up, and the ext drive connected, Open the CMD prompt, run as administrator. Type the above command with the 2 switches, then a space, and the drive letter of the ext drive and the colon.

    It will take some time, probably 4-6 hours for a 1 TB disk. There is a reasonable chance that will correct the inpage error you are getting.
  2. ok thanks John I am on it ,will keep you advised,though it may take a while to find the time.
    Regardless I'll let you know...It seems so logical wonder why I never thought of it..
    thanks :)
  3. Hello John and thanks...
    I did what you said and it worked fine.All is well and i never lost any data...
    It was so easy, I am embarrassed to even ask,But I did,
    and I am thankful you responded with the answer,the only answer...
    Take care and once again, rock!!!
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