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im planing to upgrade my old pc! Im geting the new ga 890fxa ud7 mb , phenom x6 1055t cpu and 4gb ddr3 1600mhz. But i dont know what cpu cooler i should get? I am going to oc it hopefully 4ghz. And i dont know if my mb going to fit my pc box? I have an big box ,biger than most but it only has 7 slots? Im not planing to use milti gpu at the moment so wil it be able to fit? If not what box should i get? The haf x i like alot but is there a better one without paying to much?
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  1. A well reviewed 120mm fan cpu cooler that's 150-160mm tall will fit in almost any mid-tower and in a full-tower no problem.
    It would be nice to tell us what case you have or provide a link to one.
  2. Hi maassi and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    Save u money and don't buy that mobo. Get the Crosshari IV or Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 the UD7 is a XL-ATX mobo and support 4-Way Crossfire but I don't think that u want use that feature maybe only 2-Way or 3-Way that is perfectly supported by the UD5 and the Crosshair IV more if u keep in mind that more that 3GPUs aren't useful.

    For the cooler, the NH-D14 is the best one be keep in mind that the UD5 comes with the RAM slot very near to the socket so the installation can be a little difficult but not impossible or u also can go with the H70 that performs very good.

    For case, the HAF 922 or HAF 932 are enough like I say I think that u don't want install 4 GPUs in the rig.

    With the money that u can save with the UD5 or CH IV u can go with the 1090T.

    That's IMO
  3. I have A Haf X with a Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme and I think both of them are great. The X has a LOT of room and keeps everything cool and looks GREAT and the Tuniq Tower cools extremely well. ( of course I'm kinda biased here since I have them)
  4. yea im running a 1090t with the ud5 mobo and it overclocks pretty darn easy now i you could get it two 4ghz easy on this set up on stock cooler with a 932 case and the temps will average around 48 to 51c thats under amd's high temps also the ud5 has a temp alert function and will throw out an error if it go's above a certain temp they have it set at 60c one at 70c and another in an ungodly high temp i forget .. lol but you should be good with just an h50 in push pull configeration. i have one but have not installed it yet just did the build last week and works great.
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