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i am building a pc from used parts. it will be used for multitasking, light audio/video encoding, many-tabbed browsing and gaming. please recommend a combo of the following parts which would provide the best performance in these areas: (the machine will run XP pro)

ECS P35T-A mobo:
Asus p5k-e mobo:
MSI P7N SLI mobo:
Intel q6600:
Intel e6850:

2 evga 8800gt's, maybe sli, dont know if both work yet
2 gigs ddr2 with heatsinks
550w power supply (unless i go for another graphics card, then need to look higher)

please feel free to make any recommendations.
also, feel free to recommend a heatsink/cpu cooler, and other video card options. I am considering one of the dual fan gtx 470s, let me know what you think.

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  1. For SLI the MSI board is the best because the secondary slot is limited to 4x on two other boards while MSI gives 8x bandwidth on secondary slots. But should you go on the old LGA775 socket? I don't see any of your choices as available. Have you looked at the socket 1156 choices?
  2. yes, i have looked at the new stuff, however these parts are all used and the whole pc is only going to cost me around $200 so i want to make the most of this build.
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    If you plan to overclock, definitely go with the quadcore. It will give you a nice performance in multitasking and using multithreaded applications + you should be able to reach well over 3GHz on it fairly easily which will bump your gaming performance and performance on single threaded applications.
  4. Hmm now i am confused: you are stating budget build but willing to consider GTX 470? O_o
  5. agh! the pc i am going to build with the parts that i listed is going to be $200, i am considering a different graphics card than the 8800gt's. in other words, there is no budget, i was just stating the price not including other things i might decide to buy for it. in effect, i am just seeking a mobo/processor combo opinion of the ones i listed, price is not a factor.
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