Storage Raid stopped working (no bad drives)

So my storage Set up was simple. C drive with windows 7 on it was just 1 harddrive. And my storage drive was a Level 0 Raid with 2 hard drives (which are still in perfect working condition). My computer was restarting randomly so usually reseating the ram would fix this for a couple of weeks. But yesterday I ended up reseating and disconnecting everything on my motherboard. But when i went to power up part of the motherboard wouldn't powerup it looked like. (wasn't getting a beep and some lights and temp meter weren't going on) But it ended up being that one of the power outs from my power supply was bad and just moving the cable to a new outlet worked and this was probably what was causing my computer to randomly restart as well recently.

When I want to reboot my computer the bios settings reset and it didn't know what drive to boot from. So I set it to the harddrive that it used to boot from before. The computer booted fine and all my files on the C drive where there but now my raid is gone. I didn't change motherboards everything works including all the harddrives. So somehow it lost the info that those two hard drives where raided.

Is there anyway to bring this back? If my memory serves me right i didn't use the Bois to set up the RAID since i wasn't using the RAID for my BOOT drive. I used Windows 7 installation disk to set up my storage RAID.

Question is, Why did my RAID 0 disappear and is there a way to get the Array back... if that's the proper term?

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  1. All i had to do was change my bios setting to Raid. Originally i thought that was referring to the boot drive but I guess not. Now everything is working perfectly!
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