Sabertooth P67 keep restarting


I just make a new system:
Sabertooth P67
i7 2600K
G.Skill 2*4GB
GF GTX 570

I installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Everything booted fine but after 5 minutes the system just crashed and restarted with no blue screen. I read somewhere it said this related to hardware, so what I've done so far are
- Update Bios to the newest version
- Enable PCI express option in advance bios setting
- Remove WD HDD and leave only my Intel SDD to boot
- Swap RAMs.
- Re-seat cpu

None of above solves the problem. My cpu at idle is ~44C so I don't think it could be a problem. I'm kinda hit the dead end right now. If you have any suggestion it would be very appreciated. Thank you !
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  1. 44ºC at idle in Windows? That seems rather high. What's the room temp?

    Assuming it's not temp-related, if it just happens randomly at idle then it points to a power supply problem.

    Do you have both the 24-pin and 8-pin mainboard power connections used? What's the brand and model of your power supply?

    Edit: Also, I assume you're still running at stock speed for now?
  2. Problem solved. It seemed like G.Skill crappy ram did it again. When I put 2 sticks in, everything crashed. Only one stick in and everything worked fine. Never again will I buy G.Skill piece of trash.
  3. You put the RAM in the second and fourth slots like you're supposed to right?

    Slot 1 (closest to CPU): Empty
    Slot 2: RAM
    Slot 3: Empty
    Slot 4: RAM

    And before you condemn G.Skill to the black list: Did you make sure the RAM timings in the BIOS were correct? Do you have other RAM to test? It could just as easily be a bad RAM slot or wrong timings.
  4. I used slot 2 and 4 as you suggested and I tested it with 2*2GB Corsair and everything worked fine. My problem my is to find 2*4GB certified rams that compatible with Sabertooth P67. According to the manual I have only one choice which is from A-DATA. I've never buy this brand before so I'm kind of hesitate right now.
  5. If the Corsair worked, then try a Corsair Vengeance 8GB kit. I have heard that some ASUS boards don't like G.Skill RAM, but others have used it fine.
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