Prioritizing network traffic-QoS or D-Link 4500 gaming router

I want to be able to prioritize online gaming (usually via XBOX live) over internet surfing and streaming video. Basically, I want to be able to stream video (via wireless) on my laptop while my husband and friends are on xbox live (via wired connection). When there are more than two boxes online, plus my laptop, one of the boxes will have a "moderate" connection and won't function properly. I have an older linksys router (can't remember the model) that does have a QoS option, but I'm not real familiar with much networking stuff. I see that I can prioritize by port, which seems like it would work if we were all wired, but I'm not sure how the wireless signal fits in. If I make the port the xbox's are plugged into high priority, will that automatically make everything else low priority? I've looked at the D-Link 4500 gaming router and like the idea of being able to just enable gamefuel and not have to worry about anything, if it really works. It seems like there are a lot of mixed reviews out there, though. Plus, if my current router or a cheaper router will do the same job, I don't see a reason to spend that much money on it. We have comcast internet and theoretically get 20 mbps download and 4 mbps upload, but it seems to vary quite a bit. Is that speed sufficient to support 3 or 4 xbox's plus a laptop streaming video (usually Hulu or Netflix). Would it make a difference if my laptop was wired rather that wireless? Anyone have experience with "gamefuel" on the D-Link router?
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  1. well making the connection high priority won't help them much because your streaming will get the ping up in numbers so tey'll experience lag. it's possible to configure QoS on your dlink but you must be running cable internet or better because if it's DSL internet then the change wont be significant
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