Seagate 500gb goflex not detected

Seagate 500gb goflex not detected, but shown in "Safely remove hardware" icon in system tray. Months back the hard disk gave a weird beep sound, then it wasn't working properly (showing up in my computer and suddenly hard disk icon will disappears). Hard disk is shown in the My Computer->Manager->Device Manager->Disk Drivers. Is there any possibility of recovering the data stored in the hard disk? The recovery software can run only when the hard disk is detected and mentioned as (G: H: or I: ).
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Connect it up, then go to Disk Management, and upload a screenshot of the Disk Management Dialog Box, especially the lower graphical area, so we can see exactly what you have installed, and how the OS sees your external HDD>
  2. pic of Disk Management --> where the hard disk is not shown.

    pic of Device Manager --> the hard disk is shown "Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex"
  3. As they say on "Laugh In" Veeely Interesting! Your screenshots are great and very helpful.

    First of all, what do you mean that recovery software will only recover data listed on Drive Volumes G:, H:, or I:? Is that something set up in the Go-Flex software where it physically labelled the Go-Flex Volumes as G:, H:, and I:? Were those Drives previously labelled that way?

    If so, you may have two drives with the same Volume letter, and only one of them is showing up.
    Did you label the Logical Volumes on your WD drive with the drive letters G:, H:, and I, or did the OS set them up that way.

    In disk management, select the second CD-ROM, right click on it, and change the volume letter from I, to say, W. You can change it back later if you want. Then boot back up and see if the G-Flex volume will show up as I:

    Also are you familiar with DiskPart? It's a cmd line program that can set Hard Disk, Partitions, and Volumes outside of the graphical interface?
  4. G:, H: or I: are volumes appear when i plugin some flash drives or GFlex HDD. Usually GFlex is shown up in the volume either G: or I: (not as H: because i recently partitioned my internal HDD into 5 volumes), GFlex has only one partition (500GB in a single partition).

    WD is my Internal HDD partitioned and labeled as C:, D:, E:, F: and H:.

    cmd line, i'm not familiar, i can do it if you say.
  5. Hi Yashhy,

    Going to take a slightly different way of finding the Go-Flex drive.

    Go to the EuseUS Partiton Master URL and download it. It's free. Install it.

    Connect the Go-Flex, turn it on, then boot up your computer.

    Using Partition Master, Go to the Main Menu. Let's see if this partition manager can see your USB drive. It could be hidden for some reason, or be assigned the same letter as one of the other drives. If it does see Go-Flex, upload a screenshot of Partition Masters dialog box that shows the graphical description.
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