600$-800$ build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this week or next week

BUDGET RANGE: about 600, maybe up to 800, before rebate

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, mostly MMOs, with some single player FPS games. also planning for Stacraft 2 and Diablo 3

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OS, Speakers, Mouse, keyboard, monitor, burner.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Tigerdirect.ca (I don't plan on buying online unless a part is hard to come by where I live. I just want any website with canadian pricing for reference)


PARTS PREFERENCES: I tend to prefer Nvidia over ATI, although I am aware ATI is leading right now. I can settle for an ATI as long as the video card is direct x 11. No AMD, or ACER parts



K here's the deal. I currently own a Intel core 2 duo e6550, with 3 gig of ram and an Leadtek Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX. Power supply is a 450w which I know isn't enough for a new video card and needs to be changed. It ain't terrible, but it just doesn't cut it for today's games. My monitor has a1680x1024 native resolution

I got between 600 to 800$ CAD to spend on upgrades and would like to get the best bang for the bucks. My original plans were only for a new power supply and video card, but i'm curious to know if I could upgrade the mobo, cpu and ram as well. Main goal is to be able to enjoy more demanding games with good frame rates for a while (1 year or 2). I specially want to be ready for Star Wars Old Republic when it will come out

I appreciate the help you guys will provide.
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  1. Actually... with the new GTX460, it's now the best bang for buck... so you should defiatnely get one of those for $230 bucks (1gb version is worth the extra $20 for sure!)

    I'd go with taht and a name brand 650watt or so... and I think you'll be fine.

    If you really want to spend the money, check out a Phenom II x4 for around $130, gigabyte motherboard for around $110, and 4gb DDR3 for around $100. Samsung spinpoint 500gb ($50)
    It will be a really solid system... those are american, so I guess Canadian they would be around $800 total.
  2. Oh yeah forgot to say HDD isn't required either.
    I like the idea of that GFX460. I never was a fan of ATI and their bad drivers. I just can't bring myself to accept going ATI. Does ATI still suck on the driver side or did they actually manage to hire real programmers?

    dirtmountain : appreciate the hardwork you put in there, although I did specify that I want to avoid AMD as much as possible
  3. I think if you only want intel your budget will be too low to be a worthwhile upgrade from you c2d. I really would recommend AMD or save up more money.
  4. get an AMD phenom x3 ; you could still fit that cpu with 5850 and am3 mobo in ur budget; but the benches for 5850 and gtx 460 show that there isn't that 5850 isnt always that much faster than 460; plus u get physx etc ; but the price diff isn't that much either now (5850 = $290) ; i would go for gtx 460
    ATI cards are not horrible btw so keep your options open if you choose;
  5. As a fellow Canadian who is also upgrading his computer (although with a slightly smaller budget). I'm going to give you the same advice some other people gave me. Try using Ncix.com and Shopbot.ca
    When using Ncix.com, also use Shopbot.ca in order to get a slightly lower price. (Shopbot.ca looks through all Canadian online stores and compares the prices) Ncix has this "price match" program where if you can find a cheaper price on the exact same item and it is in stock, Ncix will/may match the lower price.

    Its worth a shot in order to get it all at a potentially lower price.
  6. Ahh, sorry about the AMD selection, i thought it was ATI you were avoiding. A misreading on my part. ATI has improved their drivers.
  7. ok so I went to the shop I usually go tonight and bought a 650 watt PSU, a casing and 2x2 gigs of DDR3. I'm down to 500$ right now, still need a mobo, cpu and video card. After reading and asking around, I guess AMD issn't as bad as it once was and may be a googd alternative, although INTEL is still something I prefer. I could be injecting another 200$ t my budget next month, putting me at 700$ left.
    I think that Nvidia GTX460 sounds pretty nice, definatly love the idea of staing with Nvidia
  8. is there a whole lot of difference between the gtx460 and gtx 465? seems like the 460 is pretty popular right now and hard to come by, and the 465 seems a bit more available
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