Poor mans Cray?

I am an engineer and will be using my system for math intensive apps. I do alot of 3d modelling, video editing, and even in my old age some gaming. My current 3.02Ghz P4 is more efficient as a space heater than a computer so its time for a new one. I have read many reviews and specifications and come to the conclusion that I have read too much and still know so very little. As such I ask your help in my project. I have already purchased the following components;

Samsung SyncMaster T260HD Monitor
I7-875K CPU
Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler
8Gb PC3 14400 Ram (1800Mhz @ 1.35V Cl9
Hitachi 1Tb Hdd

My logic, flawed or not, was to build in as much system tweakability as possible. Also, if I am correct, fast data throughput does not necessarily mean a cpu and ram maxed out, but rather a fine tuned combination of adjustable values.

I still need a PSU and GPU. I am leaning toward the new Nvidia GTX-460 1 GB and of course the GPU selected greatly influences the PSU.

Any suggestions on hardware needed, and comments on "my logic" and components purchased would be appreciated.
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    A corsair 750w or 650w if your not crossfiring. As for your GPU, have you considered a 5830? I believe they cost around the same. Im not really familiar with the gtx 460 though.
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