Finding out what type of graphic card slot

i dont know what type of graphic card slot i have.....please help me... I had bought the PC in 2002..

This is Abhinav U.K.
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  1. You should really post more information. Motherboard model would be the best. If you don't know that, or the PC was built by a manufacturer, perhaps the brand and model of the PC. :) Folks (or you) can look up the PC's specs through Google.

    It's either PCI, AGP 4x, AGP 8x, or PCI-E. Though I'm doubting it's PCI-E ;)
  2. Yup, for 2002 it might be an AGP/PCI slot...
    open your PC and see it for yourself...

    The motherboard must has a name and model on it's board...
  3. Download cpu-z if your lazy it should list your mobo
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