Boot issues possible with 478 board.

I have an old Socket 478 board(Intel) in this machine here and well it boots to the loading screen and then BSODs saying that windows has been shutdown due to a hardware issue. I Pulled out the RAM, there is no slotted video cards, its onboard, 512mb ram and a 160gb IDE hdd.

I took the HDD out of the machine and put it in my machine cause most of the hardware I have is brand new and up to date. After reformatting the HDD I booted just fine into Windows, but the moment I put it back on the 478 board it gets to the Loading screen and BSODs again, could this be a board issue, it cant be the memory cause everything seems fine, I also checked the bios and the cpu seems fine, the POST screen shows the CDROM the HDD memory and cpu speed. gets to the loading screen but will not boot to safe mode, safe mode networking vga mode or boot logging, cant even run a last known good configuration. I had even reset the CMOS but no luck. Any suggestions.
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  1. Reinstall on the 478 machine. It will have the drivers for the other one, and that will cause problems.
  2. The thing is I have tried reinstalling on the older machine and it kept going into a BSOD. Thats the only reason I installed on my machine, but I never installed drivers from my machine to the other hard drive before replacing the drive back into the old machine, all it is, is a basic XP installation on the drive, and it still restarts after the splash or BSOD's
  3. Well, I meant things like the IDE driver: Windows will have its own one, and will only be trying to use that. It will still not work.

    Test to see if the machine works at all by downloading a Linux CD/DVD and booting to that. (openSUSE Live KDE would be good. ) Also, you should try Memtest86+. It is probably on that CD (under Memory Test or something), but may not be.
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