Need some water cooling help.

Hi everyone.
I have never built my own water cooling setup by myself (did it once a couple years ago with a friend but forgot a lot of the details since then). So I have some little technical questions I would like help with from seasoned liquid cooler pros.

I am going to build it into the corsair 800d case because it's the best for liquid cooling. These are the components I'm currently thinking of:

TFC Exchanger

Swiftech MCP 655-01 Water Pump

Swiftech Apogee XT CPU Waterblock

FrozenQ Liquid Fusion Reservoir - UV Light + UV Blue Virus 250mm reservoir.

First: What I would like to know is this: I am planning on using 1/2 inch tubing and are these components all compatible? If not, what does one do to make it that way? I am going to use compression fittings so I want to know how they would connect to these components.

Second: I will be putting the radiator inside the case at the top. Should I install the fans beneath it, or in between the top of the radiator and the top of the case? Should they push air out or in?

Any other tips or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated (Please don't tell me I have no business water cooling because everyone has to start somewhere-- and yes I do intend on overclocking).
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  1. 1. Yes, as long as you get the correct fittings,etc.

    2. I think for your case, the air should be pulled in from the top, however realize doing so this way will increase your case temps. Doing it the other way will decrease the cooling of the CPU due to the fact that case temps are usually higher than outside temps.

    What size is the rad? What do you plan to cool (the Q9550?)?

    *I assume you are also getting PT Nuke/Kill Coils, fans,etc?
  2. I will be using the core i7 930. Triple fan radiator (not TFC cause they're closed down I think and out of stock).
    So you recommend setting the fans below the radiator pushing air out through it?

    Any suggestions on the best way of mounting it? As you might tell I don't have the components yet, still ordering online. So I'm just spending day and night trying to pick up hints and tips.

    Kill Coils/PT Nuke? They kill algae right?

    Sorry, like I said I am a noob (but enthusiastic nonetheless).

    **Thinking of using the XSPC RX360 Triple 120mm Radiator**
    Which site do you recommend for parts? (Currently on forzen cpu and petrastechshop).

    Thank you!
  3. And which fans would you recommend?
  4. Quote:
    Kill Coils/PT Nuke? They kill algae right?

    Yes. Always run distilled water. If you want color, use colored tubing like the Primoflex LRT. I usually use Tygon.

    I use petras or jabtech or frozencpu when they have stuff on a good sale.

    As for fans, I usually use Yate Loons or Scythe Slipstream. Scythe Gentle Typhoons are becoming quite popular for it's silence, but those fans are expensive.
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