SSD Read/Write Speeds Slow

Hi, these are the parts for my computer

My problem is that the SSD as advertised is supposed to be 300 mb/s read/230 mb/s write time and currently this is what I'm getting.

I switched into AHCI mode after installing my operating system because I forgot to switch from IDE to AHCI before I installed the OS. I know on my old computer when I switched into AHCI after being in IDE it gave me a success message after reboot saying it successfully switched whereas I never got that sort of message.

I've tried going to device manager and disabling the cache option and that didn't help.

Any ideas or do you think I should just reformat and make sure it's in AHCI before putting the OS back on?
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  1. SSD's never give marketed performance. Compare it to other people's first.
  2. There is a registry tweak you have to do for Windows to see it as AHCI. Is this SATA II or SATA III? My laptop runs SATA II which limits my SSD performance.
  3. I changed the registry values when I switched over to AHCI, and it's Sata III.
  4. samuelspark said:
    SSD's never give marketed performance. Compare it to other people's first.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bit less than the marketed performance but for the write to be that low something is wrong.
  5. Nope. I get 340MB/s read and 143MB/s write (sequential) on my Sandforce Mushkin drive. (Marketed for 550MB/s read/write0

    Notice how everyone else is getting similar speeds to you. You just got a cheap low end SSD. That's why it's slow.
  6. i already talked to kingston today and they told me my read/writes are well under what it should be and will refund me if they can't find a solution for it
  7. Yes, TRIM is enabled according to command prompt and AHCI is turned on in BIOS.

    Would there be any use in wiping the drive clean and starting over making sure AHCI is on before installing OS?
  8. Don't think that would make any difference, as I had it in IDE when I installed the os, then changed it to AHCI. I have an older chipset than you (P55) and I still get much higher scores. Think you should get it replaced tbh
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