Multiple Operating Systems With RAID 0

Hi everybody. I have a question that I am sure one of you can answer. I have a Dell desktop that I bought two years ago. It is still very usable and I love it. A couple of weeks ago, it became severely infected with all sorts of malware and such. I have found many rootkits and I have decided to re-install my operating system completely. I had forgotten that the computer was bought with RAID 0. The hard drives are the same and all. My question is, is I want to install more than one OS on it this time. I would like to do a tri-boot. I would like to reinstall my current os, Vista (I know, but it works for me, and it is cheaper than buying another os :) ) I would also like to install XP pro, and I would like to install Ubuntu 12.04. Can I install all these operating systems while using the RAID 0 on the computer. And if I can, how can I do it? Thanks.
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  1. Was it a hardware or software RAID?
  2. It is a software RAID. I don't have any cards installed into my MOBO
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