Boot-up halts with message

Hvae win XP for home computer. System appears to start normally and then stops. I don't hear the electronic type noises that I usually hear at startup. Unable to start in safe mode either
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  1. Check your hard drive connection. If it is connected, see if it is running by feeling for vibrations after turning on your computer.
  2. You say it halts with message, what message does it display when it stops? Open it up and see if the fans and everything spin up when you boot it up.
  3. I can think of three possible problems:

    1. PSU is going bad. If it is still halfway good it can boot past BIOS but once the HDD, CPU and memory start to work it will stall.

    2. Memory is bad or needs to be reseated.

    3. HDD is failing. Feel the HDD while the PC is running. If it feels too hot thn it could be dying. Also google Spinrite and run it to test the HDD. If the test starts then the PC shuts down, its PSU. if it doesn't shut down during the test then that should see if your HDD is going bad.
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