Looking for a storage drive - what do I need to know.


Basically I want to buy a second HDD to use as a storage drive. My boot drive is a Caviar Blue 1TB

I'm thinking of getting a 2TB Caviar Green, based on the price/warranty. I built my own PC, so I know how to install it. But, I'm wondering if there is anything I ought to know about storage. I don't know anything about Raid/NAS, I only just know those terms lol. I just need this is as a backup for some of my more precious files.

Is there any reason why my HDD might be a bad choice as a storage drive?

Also, after installing the new hdd, what's the basic drill for getting the new drive working? Check boot order> Partition>Format as NTFS?

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    You don't need or really want RAID for a storage drive unless you need large fault tolerant volumes. The WD Green are good storage drives and are more energy efficient than other choices, although you have to wait a little longer when accessing files.

    Just attach the drive SATA data and power connectors, go into disk management and initialize/format the drive using the wizard. Best to just make one partition for the entire drive.
  2. Okidoke. Thanks!
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