2x5970 CrossFire with 3 monitors?


I know I can attach 3 monitors to single 5970, but what if I get 2x5970 in CrossFire? Can I put more then 2 monitors in CrossFire with this cards or its like nV SLI (double SLI 2 monitors - double without SLI 4 monitors)? Its for workstation (not for games) I just need 3 monitors and I prefer CrossFire then 2 "normal" cards.
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  1. Consider the 6 Display cable 5870. It is designed to cover 6 display panel.

    Here's an example. Its a single GPU card solution.


    Its your choice
  2. I had contact ATI support, and I know for sure: in double CrossFire I can attach 3 monitors without any problems and with 2 cards not in CF - 6, so its better in this subject then nV SLI.
  3. I believe you can set up 3 monitors in SINGLE configuration (ie separate desktops) by connecting them to any card.

    However, if you were planning on setting up an Eyefinity desktop (ie one desktop displayed over 3 displays) you will have to connect them to the SAME card.

    BTY, 2 5970s for a workstation is overkill! Killer setup either way.
  4. Little of 3D rendering included and I don't like proffesionals cards =) anyway with single card yes you can connect 3 monitors, and with 2 cards without CrossFire - 6, but if you make them CrissFire then outputs from second card are disabled, so you can still connect only 3 monitors but with +80% performance.
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