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Hi Guys,

I love this site... I bought my HD7950 thanks to you guys advice and also a seasonic 760 psu again thanks to you guys :) so hopefully you can help me out here too :)

I want to buy a top of the line ssd... looking at the OCZ Vertex 4 512gigs $450 (+$60 shipping to india) any other options? as in any indian site sells it? I have searched online for 2 hours before asking you guys, so am not juz another lazy bum trying to get others to do his work :D

The OCZ Vertex 256gigs is available for $273 here... any other brands to consider? (the sammy 830 is priced higher and toms review says these are the top 2)

Thanks in advance
Ash :D
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    OCZ makes great mid-class drives, but they are not of the same quality of Samsung, Crucial, or Intel. OCZ can be faster in some cases, but they are not 'better' as they are prone to a higher than average failure rate, and their performance is inconsistant compared to the other 3.

    That being said, I own 2 Agility 3s in my rig, but I am fully aware of their short-comings and am planning on replacing them relatively soon (1-2 years) when the tech matures a bit more, so I didn't feel that I needed to buy something that I knew was going to last.

    Right now I would suggest a Samsung 830, they are a bit more expensive, but they are also a bit faster, and are made with much better quality parts that should last a lot longer than the OCZ offerings.
  2. thanks for the info bro, is the price right? any other cheaper alternative am missing out here?
  3. There are 2 axioms at work right now:
    1) yes, the price is right for the moment, in that for the performance and reliability everything seems pretty well stacked right now

    2) just know that in a little while the price will drop, and drop, and drop. I got my frist 240GB SSD ~6mo ago for $200. Fast forward to a month ago when I got my 2nd drive, and I got the exact same drive for $120. Both of these were found from reputable sellers (Microcenter and NCIX) on sale plus a rebate. That is an $80 drop in just 5 months, and I fully expect this trend to continue over the next year or two before things start to slow down a bit. So buy it now, but don't kick yourself too hard if you can get the same drive for less than 1/2 of what you pay now within the next year.
  4. Good point, you made me think now...

    The Vertex 4 256gigs is available in India itself for about $273... no shipping and import duty issues... maybe have it for a year and then when prices drop get something else... my problem is that my hdd bay is full (2x 1.5 tb and 2x 2.0 tb + 96gb kingston ssd)

    Do 2.5" to 5.25" mounts exist?
  5. no, but thankfully SSDs are very light. For the first several months I had my SSDs just screwed into one side of a 5.25 bay, and that was just fine.
    They do make 2.5" to 3.5" adapter bays, and they make 3.5" to 5.25" adapters that you could mount onto that, but because there are no moving parts like there are in a HDD, it is just a matter of having a ground, which only takes 1 screw technically.

    I work at a nonprofit that refurbishes computers for low income families, and we have a few computer doners who give us these older, but insanely high end machines. So what I did was take a few old Raptor HDDs that failed our HDD test, removed the drive, and used the massive heatsink as my 2.5 to 3.5 adapters for my 2 SSDs. It makes them look pretty cool, and they are quite effective as heat sinks as well lol.
  6. Thanks for the reply bro :) I actually found mounts on ebay... 5.25" mount that can hold 2 ssds for about $6... seemed awesome ($5 for shipping to India tho :()
  7. Link? I am curious as I am about to add some extra HDDs to my system and will be moving my SSDs to the 5.25 slots.

    This morning, right after my last post to you, I had a drive fail on me :( , it was old, and I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, so thankfully I had the foresight to make it part of a RAID1 array and there was no data loss. But now it looks like I will be jumping on my RAID5 array earlier than I wanted to, which means the SSDs will be moved to a different area as they do not need the same airflow that the HDDs require.
  8. like I said, they don't make a 2.5 to 5.25 adapter. That is just a normal 2.5 to 3.5 adapter with 3.5 to 5.25 adapters pre-attached
  9. oh ya you're right... I didnt even notice :D anyway bro am gonna sell it once I get it :D Am getting a cosmos 2 :D
  10. I would go with the Sammy, it is reliable and fast enough!
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  12. Samsung 830 ordered :) Thanks guys :)
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