Crysis benchmark 5850 fps question

!TimeDemo Run 2 Finished.
Play Time: 56.61s, Average FPS: 35.33
Min FPS: 16.52 at frame 152, Max FPS: 39.85 at frame 874
Average Tri/Sec: -15307953, Tri/Frame: -433278
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -2.12
TimeDemo Play Ended, (3 Runs Performed)

Run #1- DX10 1680x1050 AA=No AA, 32 bit test, Quality: VeryHigh ~~ Overall Average FPS: 35.265

are this right fps on a stock 5850 ,stock q9550,3gb ram667 ?
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  1. Considering you have it set to "Very High" (with DX10) quality, I'd say 35.33FPS is normal. Crysis is an absolute beast of a resource killer. It demands a lot from your GPU.

    Years ago though, tests/benchmarks were done with Crysis that showed having a CPU clock speed of 3Ghz or higher helped over all FPS. So you could consider overclocking your Q9550 to 3 or 3.2Ghz to see if you notice any gains.

    Otherwise, I'd say you're doing alright.

    My 5850 at 875/1200 overclock (stock voltages) managed 32fps average with 1920x1080 4xAA on Very High detail DX10.

    So that's a higher resolution and with antialiasing and only 3fps less. IMO you should start by using Catalyst Control Center and maxing it to 775/1125 and see how it performs.

    IMO for a single 5850 in Crysis you might want to just run High 4xAA settings as it'll be probably around 50fps and AA looks good.
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