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I want to buy a new PC for games..
The original plan was to get a Phenom X4 955 and HD 5770..
then someone told me that CPU doesnt matter that much and that i should get a X4 Athlon 635 and HD 5850.
and then someone told me that Phenom X4 920 and a GTX 460 is better..

my question is, which rig of the three is better?

The athlon 635 and the HD 5850 will work well together? i wont have bottleneck or w\e?
if someone has a better suggestion i'd like to hear it.
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  1. Between those I would choose the x4 Athlon 635 + 5850
    though also take a look at the possibility of a i3 530 +5850
  2. The person who suggested a Deneb 920 prolly does not realise that like its 940BE cousin, it was the one of the 1st Denebs to appear and was AM2+ socket so is incompatible with AM3/DDR3 platforms U didn;t state a budget but $600+ these days on AM3 can build you a beefy gaming rig really...@ $660AR:
  3. batuchka is definantly correct. But if you are in a state of dubiuty, then I would vote for the first one.
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