Need Help On PCI-E Slots !!

I Have Hp Pavilion a1210 desktop PC.
I just Downloaded Everest(freeware)to check out my system parts and slots !!
Then it showed that my PC has got an PCI-Express x16 Slot !!
But when i opened my CPU , I could'nt find any PCI-Express x16.
Pls Help me !!
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  1. But it is not there in my mobo !!
    here is a pic of my mobo :
  2. lol
    it doesn't have pcie slot
  3. That is not a pic of the MS-7184 that is inside your computer...
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    Welcome to the joys of proprietary components. When HP ordered these motherboards from the manufacturer, they probably stated, there is no need for a PCI-E slot since the motherboard has on-board video and had them not include the slot to reduce costs.

    You can see, in the image, where the PCI-E slot should have been and Everest is reading that the motherboard should have a PCI-E slot, but thanks to HP, you do not.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Well, very nasty complication you got there, what will you do mate?
  6. :non:
    guess i have to search for nvidia geforce 9 series PCI cards :cry:
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