Main drive crashed, anyway to relink programs on other drives?

Here is what happened.

My SSD (main drive) crashed. With it, went windows, and all of that fun stuff.

Now, I have two other 2TB HDD's with games that I have beat/are on the backburner junctioned over to them, along with other misc files of which I'm not concerned.

My question is, I have a new SSD, and when I install windows, is there a way to "link" my programs installed on my other drives to the new windows install? Or do I have to reinstall all of the said programs? Or would just putting in a junction work?

When I say junction, I'm speaking about using the command prompt and the mklink /J command.

Thank you
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  1. Bump :)
  2. Dont bump posts please and you have to reinstall them so their registry entries get created.
  3. Yes, what popatim said. It won't run without a registry entry.
  4. Some programs need registry,some programs not need registry,so you can link a part
    of program and run ok.
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