9600GT Temperature Problem

Hello, i dont know if this is a problem with my fan, but in riva tuner i put my fan to run at 100% all time and at idle it is 64C, and when i play games it goes up to 102C, is this normal? i cannot return as my warranty expired, and i have a 60mm fan, and sometimes my PC crashes while playing games.
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  1. No, it's not normal...
    Your card may get damaged if it constantly running at high temps (above 100'C).

    Tell us your card, brand? model? link? single slot card?
    Also your case, brand? model? mid/micro ATX Tower?
  2. Can you send us pictures of the inside of your case?

    Try disassembling the card, adding thermal paste, blowing off the GPU fan, blowing off case fans, etc.
  3. First you need to either use canned air and blast the card or use the old lungs to rid of if any dust that there is in the cooler. Second if temps do not improve much if none at all the repasting and reseating the cooler after cleaning it should do the job. Third you need to make sure that you have some decent air flow with in your case with fresh air coming in either wise it will only recirculate hot air which typically results in very high temps. Be sure to clean the fans while you are at it.
  4. 102C, killing me slowly
  5. my gfx is 9600gt, but it doesnt matter now, i have a homemade fan trough USB which is cooling it, and temp decreased alot! now while i play games i have 76C. Its the fan, its faulty and need to get a new one.
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